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Billy Idol white wedding co-written by Demetrios Poulakas

Billy Idol (wearing my 1983/4 stolen gloves) white wedding co-written by Demetrios Poulakas , this song is about Jesse V, Ark (me), and Britney Spears and/or Drew Barrymore 1983 (she/they changed her age except for me).

I wrote this song at MacArthur Park (formerly West lake Park)[1] is a park in the West lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, named after General Douglas MacArthur and designated City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument in 1983, I gave him the lyrical sheet, he asked me why.

About this video version, more, more, more, more, @ http://www.thecauses.org/lpforum/index.php


Film Trilogy

“[Film noir] experiences periodic rebirth and rediscovery. Whenever we have any moment of deep societal rift or disruption in America, one of the ways we can express it is through the ideas and behavior in film noir”.

John Briley (b. 1925), U.S. cinematographer, writer. New York Times, p. 9 (February 6, 1994).

Explaining the current interest in film noir.